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When I respond with an e-mail, I provide a link back to my website, which may be confused for junk mail. If you are expecting an e-mail and don't get one, check your spam filter
Note on shipping:

♦please provide your phone number. FedEx asks for this just in case there are any questions. If one is not provided I use mine for both the sender and receiver and I can not always answer questions intended for the receiver.

♦FedEx and UPS can not deliver to PO Boxes. You must provide a physical address. Besides it's really hard to fit a 4 foot package into those tiny boxes

Thank you

A little about me.
I retired in 2007 and needed a hobby. Always enjoyed making and fixing things, so I put my shop to use full time. Well not exactly, but I try to stay busy. All these products are hand made by me, in my shop here in Owatonna, Mn Using quality parts. I take pride in what I make, and hope that you will enjoy it too. 




 Shipping charges  are to cover the expenses of shipping and  therefore are not refundable


Customer service